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Whatever your challenges and aspirations are, it’s time to sharpen up and hit your targets. Designed to address specific business challenges and drive success, my training is shaped around the exact needs of your organisation and its people.

In the next section is a list of the subjects I cover. However, if you have something else in mind, feel free to ask.  

Minimum Numbers

I want everyone to succeed and therefore have no minimum numbers for most of the training. After meeting you, I may suggest mentoring as an alternative (and more cost effective). However, I will only suggest what is best for your requirements.


I love tech and pick new tech up extremely quickly. Therefore, I can offer training on a wide range of software, including any in-house software you may use. If it’s something I’ve not used, I will have one day learning from your experts, one day playing with the system, then I’m ready. Tech is my thing.

Designed Your Way

It is important that the materials used are to your standard. I can use your branding, my own branding or materials you already have (as long as I can review them and provide feedback).

Training Subjects

Time Management

Effective time management is not ‘rocket science’. But like so many aspects of performance it requires focus, analysis and constant attention. This training is a day long and includes (but not limited to): Understanding why time management issues arise. How to improve your ability to plan and prioritise work. Minimising wasted time and distractions. Learning to say “No”. Staying organised and more.

Effective Communications for Performance

When it comes to performance, communication is key. It is everyone’s responsibility to understand how they communicate to ensure there are no misunderstandings. By the end of this one-day training, delegates will be able to: Describe what is effective communication. Discuss barriers to communication and strategies to overcome them. Identify their own role in managing performance. Understanding effective questioning & listening. Describe the what/why method for giving feedback and more.

Understanding Change

Every company goes through change. It shows the company is growing and keeping up with the market. However, not everyone copes well with change. In turn, affecting employee well-being and company performance. In this one-day training, the focus is on the delegates. Helping them to understand change, what is in their control and how to remain effective. The main purpose of this training is to increase individual confidence during change by increasing their understanding of the change process and how to manage personal reactions.

Personal Impact & Confidence Building

We don’t always realise the personal impact we have on others. Some of us lack confidence while others are overly confident. In this two-day training we cover topics to build awareness of ourselves and the impact we have on others. This training includes (but not limited to): Attitudes. Enthusiasm. Inner dialogues. Communication skills. Assertiveness. Self-esteem. How to say “No” and more.

Capturing Business Requirements

There are various ways to gather requirements. Each option has it’s pros and cons as you would expect. However, depending on the type of project you are collecting requirements from and who your stakeholders are, there is always a ‘best approach’. In this three-day training, I cover the different ways to collect requirements and record them. There is also time built in to practice the different approaches and look at different scenarios. To work well, this training requires a minimum of fifteen delegates.

Business Analysis Overview

We all start out somewhere. This two-day training course is ideal for those with no experience in Business Analysis. Suited for those who want to start a career in Business Analysis or have just started out. In this training I cover the basics of Business Analysis. What you role is, the key skills you need, some of the basic techniques used in business analysis. This is a hands on course gives delegates the opportunity to practice the techniques. It also helps delegates identify what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Bespoke Training

Training is different for every business. Understanding your requirements and developing a course along with the relevant material is my role. I work with you to understand your business, identify the needs and come up with the solution. Onsite and offsite training is available. I can help source venues for the training and organise networking in the evening; should they be required.

Naomi Ganjavi

From our very first meeting to 4 months later she has given the same high quality attention and advice that only a professional could give. Like any good teacher, she doesn’t just tell you what to do, she gives you the why behind it so you can fully appreciate how you are developing your business. She has taken the time to get to know me meaning she can tailor her teachings to my learning style, helping me get the most out of each session.

From Mary Cushen

Make Your Own Opportunities

Keeping your processes, people and systems all in sync is key. It doesn’t matter if you have one employee or a million, if one of these drops, your company will suffer. Everything links to each other and reviewing them in silo can cause the others to go out of sync.

That’s why I’m here to help. Working with companies. Training employees. Coaching & Mentoring. Assessing and documenting processes.