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These sessions are typically two or three hours long and based on a specific subject to get you over a hurdle.

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Specialist Subjects

These detailed one-off specialist sessions are great for getting you over a hurdle. For some things, you know what you need to do but cannot finish it for whatever reason. These sessions are perfect for getting you over the line. Below is just a selection of the most popular subjects. If there is something you need help with, including anything techie (I love tech), just drop me an email or book a complimentary discovery call to see if I can assist.


It depends on the subject but the sessions cost between £250 and £500 (excluding travel costs). They last either two or three hours and can be done via Zoom or Face-to-Face.


The most common ones are Strategy Planning, Ideal Client, Opt-In Creation and Social Media review although any strategy or marketing subject can be covered. If the subject you are after is not listed below, just drop me an email.


I am here to support and guide you. You still need to take the action to see the results, but I’ll be there, holding your hand.


A Selection Of The Most Popular

These are my four most popular requests for these sessions. If what you are after is not listed, just ask. There are too many subjects and systems to list on here. The ‘BOOK’ buttons are for those that want to book the session as a Zoom meeting only. If you want a face-to-face session, please use this form.

From Mary Cushen

Make Your Own Opportunities

Sometimes we need a little help to move forward. It could be a tech hurdle, a knowledge hurdle or even a procrastination hurdle. Whatever it is, I’m here to get you over the line and moving forward again.

Jess Sharpe

Fabulous booster session with Mary – informative and useful. Excecuted in a lovely and helpful manner. I learnt so much and can’t wait to get started on my plans! Thank you Mary – highly recommend.