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Process Mapping

Mapping out your processes, identifying gaps and advising on improvements.

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Process Mapping

Documenting your processes, mapping them out and reviewing them takes time. When you are busy carrying out the processes, it isn’t always feasible to spend time reviewing what you do and making improvements to streamline.

However, it is an important step to keeping everything in sync. If processes are inefficient, employees will feel over-worked and de-valued. The company will be spending more money than needed to run day-to-day tasks. Performance will be down. 


Your investment to Process Mapping is not only money. In order to document the processes correctly, I will need access to experts that do the process on the daily basis or detailed Standard Operating Procedures. Work will be charged either hourly (£75 per hour) or daily (six hours £350).


One process will be worked on at any one time. This gives me time to understand your company and the process, map it out, look for and advise on improvements. 

Why Map Processes?

Without having the processes mapped out, you cannot see independencies. You cannot suggest improvements or streamline. It can cause loss in knowledge when employees move on.

How Does It Work?

At the initial meeting, we discuss your requirements and what you want to achieve. This includes the number of processes to map, how many SME’s are involved and if Standard Operating Procedures are available.

Start Point
Action Plan

An action plan is created and agreed. We discuss timelines, hours of work and who I will be liaising with for each process.

Process Mapping

The process are mapped out using the information provided. Once created, they are shared in a workshop to check accuracy and understand where the current pain points lie.

Process Review

I take the information and review the process end-to-end. Once completed, I provide a report detailing ways to streamline the process and address any pain points.

Work Together

If you have someone who aspires to become a business analyst and they have the time available, this is a great opportunity to have them mentored in process mapping at the same time. This increases the investment to £100 (per hour) or £400 (day rate). However, it is more efficient than paying for separate mentoring sessions and gives them hands-on experience.

From Mary Cushen

Processes | Systems | People

Working across different industries and different sized companies, lets you see what works in certain circumstances but not in others. I started out working for my parents at a young age of 12. Their company was in the oil industry and I learnt a lot there around the basics of what holds a business together. However, I also learnt how quickly things can fall apart; especially when it’s something out of your hands.

It is important to take your processes, systems and people seriously. It is imperative to understand your ‘what if’ scenarios. No-one knows what is around the corner but by having the right understanding about your company, you can withstand most situations thrown at you.

Naomi Ganjavi

From our very first meeting to 4 months later she has given the same high quality attention and advice that only a professional could give. Like any good teacher, she doesn’t just tell you what to do, she gives you the why behind it so you can fully appreciate how you are developing your business. She has taken the time to get to know me meaning she can tailor her teachings to my learning style, helping me get the most out of each session.