Top Tips for Businesses on Pinterest.

Pinterest is under-used and misused every day. There is potential to reach your ideal client on a daily basis and having your content re-pinned over and over.
So let’s start with a few basic facts. So why use Pinterest?

If you are not sure if Pinterest is right for your ideal client, have a look at these stats. There is an assumption that it’s better for product based companies, however, it can work well for anyone, if it’s done right.

Take a look at the stats and decide, can you really be without a properly created and managed Pinterest account if your ideal client is on there?



Top Pinterest Facts (based on 2018).

    • 81% of Pinterest users are actually Females.
    • 40% of New Signups are Men; 60% New Signups are Women.
    • Men account for only 7% of total pins on Pinterest.
    • Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram.
    • The median age of a Pinterest user is 40, however, the majority of active pinners are below 40.
    • Average time spent on Pinterest per visit is 14.2 minutes.
    • Pinners are ready to spend and willing to spend more than their non-Pinning counterparts.
    • 1 of 2 Millennials Use Pinterest Every Month.
    • 93% of Active Pinners Said They Use Pinterest to Plan for Purchases.
    • 50% Have Made a Purchase After Seeing a Promoted Pin.
    • Nearly 85% of Pinterest Searches Happen on Mobile.
    • 78% Say It’s Useful to See Content from Brands on Pinterest.
    • More Than 14 Million Articles are Pinned Daily.
    • 7.53% of Referral Traffic Came From Pinterest.
    • Over 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest.
    • 93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve
      purchased something because of Pinterest.
    • Two-thirds of pins represent brands and products.
    • Every day nearly 2M people Pin product rich Pins.
    • More than 14 million articles are Pinned each day.

Do you think your ideal client is on there now?



Top Tips.

So now you have the facts, here are a few tips to get your Pinterest started and you thinking:

    • Create visuals at the right size. Use a free tool like canva (it has loads of Pinterest templates and layouts for you to choose from) to create something on brand and size perfect.
    • Add a compelling, keyword-rich description and add a link to the relevant place. For the description, use between 50 and 250 words.
    • Use relevant hashtags to increase your organic reach. Use two or three key hashtags in your description.
    • Pin at least once a day during peak times (the recommended amount from several sources is five times a day). You will see my stats on the previous post and I rarely post on my Planner Pinterest. If Pinterest is a key site for you, I recommend using a scheduling tool so you can create the content then schedule it in up to a month in advance.
      • The key is to be consistent in whatever frequency you decide.
    • Optimise your pin for mobile viewers. 80% use the Pinterest app on mobile devices. Vertical images are your best bet, since they give you more room to work with. The image ratio can be up to 1:2.8, but 2:3 is ideal, which means your image should be 600 x 900 pixels. If your image is taller than 1560 pixels, it will get cut off.


Need some help with your marketing?

I’ve been there. I know how hard it is to choose the right platforms for your ideal client and then how to appeal to them. When I started my first business, I made all the mistakes and wasted £’000’s on marketing. I don’t want others to make the same mistake.

Marketing is a broad subject. Pinterest is just one of many possible opportunities.

My services are not a ‘one package fits all’. Even people in the same industry may use different platforms and approaches. It is down to your business model, strategy and ideal client. I work with my clients to understand these things before suggesting a marketing approach. If a client doesn’t have these (some may not know what these are), we work on them first. Jumping straight into marketing is where money is lost. As a strategy and marketing coach, I focus on creating the best plan of action for you and your ideal client.


If you would like a free 30 minute chat to discuss how I could support you moving forward, you can book a slot here. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.


Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst