Do you know what organic marketing is?

Organic marketing is a way to increase your visibility, spread the word about your company, but without spending money. Instead, organic marketing focuses on free marketing. However, it does take time and effort to be effective. With paid marketing, you can reach more of your ideal client quicker but you still need to build the like, know and trust factor. This also assumes you know how to use your chosen platform correctly and can target properly. If not, it’s wasted money.


Organic Marketing Options.

There are a lot of organic options; too many to go through on here. So I’ve picked a few and will go through them below.

“Organic marketing is not just for those on a limited budget. Everyone should be utilising it to increase their brand awareness.” Mary Cushen


Let’s start off with one of the most obvious ones. Facebook. So many people underestimate the power of Facebook. Even with all it’s rules and algorithms, it’s still one of the best platforms out there to start growing your brand.

Facebook Business Page: Keep it updated so Facebook recommends it to people when viewing similar pages. Try to post on it at least three times a week. Videos have better reach than standard image posts.
Facebook Groups: Creating a Facebook group for your ideal client is a good way to build up trust and establish yourself as the expert. For a group to be useful, you need to post value in there daily and show up (not just have scheduled posts). You will be talking to yourself to start with but you will also be building content that can be shared.
Facebook Groups: Find a few Facebook groups that your ideal client hangs out. Don’t go straight in there sharing your detailing, you will more than likely be kicked out. Instead look at what people are asking, answer questions in your area of expertise. The more value you give, the more you will find people tagging you in questions.


Instagram Posts: Take the time to research relevant hashtags for your business. There are plenty of tools out there (free and paid) or you can just use the Instagram itself. I will be doing a blog on my favourite tools for small businesses and entrepreneurs later on. Post daily and vary your hashtags. Instagram doesn’t like it if you use the same over and over again.

Instagram Stories: These work best when you use them regularly. By that I mean a few times a day. Use one or two key hashtags on your story to maximise reach. Remember, they don’t all need to be live. They can be stills, polls, questions, etc. so get creative.
IGTV: These are great for showing you are an expert in your area. These videos can be anything from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. As you grow into a larger account and are verified, you can upload up to a maximum length of 60 minutes.


Do not underestimate the power of Pinterest. No matter what your company is, you can make it work for you. Showcase your work. Have images of opt-ins linked to the opt-in screen. Send traffic to your website, Instagram or Facebook.

The key is to keep it organised. Have one featured board (unless you have millions of products) – Your portfolio. On this board should be your work, your products, your services. Make sure every pin links to a relevant page on your website or Facebook/Instagram post. The image needs to be professional and eye-catching. You can create beautiful pins in Canva using the free version. They also have a lot of Pinterest templates to give you ideas.
You can also have inspirational boards. These are boards with pins from others. Just remember though, the purpose of your account is to attract people to your platforms not others, so keep the focus on your work.


Blogs are often overlooked when it comes to organic marketing. They see it as increasing their SEO which, if the blog is content rich, written well and on a decent site, it will. However, your blog content can be sliced and diced, and shared to the platforms mentioned above. This saves you time as you don’t need to keep coming up with fresh content, but keeps your SEO up as the content is not ideal (it’s just extracts).

Slicing and dicing is a better approach than just sharing the link to your blog. You are sparking interest (hopefully) so they visit your website to read more. This drives more traffic to your website, increasing awareness of what you do. If the blog’s a good read, they will stay on your site and read another blog or see what you do.


Ok, this is a little different but still is organic marketing. It will not be for everyone but, if you can get over your fear of talking to people, then it’s a great opportunity to increase your following and show you are the expert.

Speaking at events can be online or in-person. Chances are, to start with you may be asked to do these for free. If their audience is your audience (ideal client) and they have a larger audience than you, then think carefully before saying no. It may not be paid, however, you are speaking in front of your ideal client. You will normally be able to mention your company and sometimes make an offer at the end. These are ideal clients you may not have reached without investing in paid advertising.
If it’s online, ask it is can be recorded and if you can share the video. If you can, you have extra content you can share across your platforms. Just make sure you ask all the questions before agreeing to the speaking opportunity. Not all of them will be right for you.


Overwhelmed? Wondering what other opportunities are out there?

There is so much out there that can help to grow your business for no cost. Organic marketing is widely underused. Yes, it does take time and effort, but it allows you to make the most of your marketing budget. No matter what size it is. As with any marketing, you still need a strategy, a plan of action to make sure your time is spent wisely.

As a business coach specialising in marketing and strategy, supporting business owners to create solid foundations is my passion. Getting to know them and understand what they get out of bed for every day is a privilege. I love guiding and training owners to success. Showing them the art of the basics. Letting them see their full potential. 

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