When you have your business, you will often hear ideal client mentioned on a regular basis. But what exactly is one? Simply put, it is the one person you would like your shop filled with, your services booked with or whatever you do. It is the perfect customer in every way.

Yes, I hear you, ‘They don’t exist’. When I started my first business I didn’t have an ideal client and wasted a lot of money marketing to everyone – Please don’t do that. Then, I created my ideal client. However, instead of creating my ideal client, I let my perception and assumptions get in the way and created an ideal client that I thought I would get. Again, do not do this.

Instead, forget everything. Make no assumptions and don’t think ‘they don’t exist’. There are millions of people in the UK, even more across the world. Why would you think they don’t exist. It is all in our mind and we have to work on our mindset to get over these. 

To identify your ideal client, start by going through the following steps:
  • Name your ideal client. Simon, Michael, Louise, Jackie. Whatever you think is appropriate.
  • Answer at least 80 questions around them. You need to really understand this person. Things you can consider are:
    • Their favourite book, magazine, newspaper, film, music.
    • Where they work, job title.
    • Where they live.
    • How they travel to work.
    • Do they have a family.
    • What car do they drive.
  • Read through all your answers when you have finished and make any updates.
  • When you are happy with your ideal client, check your current marketing and message to make sure it appeals to them. This includes:
    • Social media – Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, etc.
    • Groups (i.e. Facebook).
    • Website.
    • Email lists.
    • In person networking.


This blog is a starting point to get you thinking about your ideal client. Ideal clients are extremely important. You cannot appeal to everyone and you shouldn’t. There is no such thing as being too niche. If you get it right, you will get clients that appreciate your work and value. No more haggling or time wasters.

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