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Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring is focused on employees and lower management, however, higher management coaching is available. The focus is to take the company values and the individuals needs to create a harmonious environment. Increasing the engagement and satisfaction at work, driving up performance.


Mentoring starts from £750 per two hours per individual. The investment for group coaching depends on numbers but on average, is £200 per attendee (minimum eight per six-hour session).

Coaching & Mentoring

My coaching is underpinned by the outcomes your people want to achieve. I provide them with a safe place to think, reflect and change, whilst offering the right level of challenge; supporting individuals outside their comfort zone. Mentoring provides practical tips, tools, techniques and advice to move your people forward, and is tailored to each individual.


I am here to support you. After all sessions, as well as asking attendees for feedback, I provide you with my feedback. I give you my undivided attention and expect the same from the attendees.


How Coaching & Mentoring Work

Get To Know You

Every business is different so the first step is to have a chat and see if I’m the right fit for your company. If I am, an initial session is setup to discuss your company needs and design your plan. 

Planning The Action

When the plan is agreed, dates are scheduled in and I have a ‘meet’ session. It is important for the people I am coaching and mentoring that they know who I am and trust me. The sessions then take place as planned.

Next Steps

At the end of each session, I collect feedback (which is shared with you) and provide feedback from my perspective. 360 feedback is imperative in any coaching or mentoring session.

Jess Sharpe

Fabulous booster session with Mary – informative and useful. Excecuted in a lovely and helpful manner. I learnt so much and can’t wait to get started on my plans! Thank you Mary – highly recommend.

From Mary Cushen

Make Your Own Opportunities

We all want the best for our company. People to be motivated, loving their work and wanting to do their part for the company. The systems enabling our people not holding them back or hampering progress. Processes streamlined and making the most of the skills and ambitions of our people.

Sometimes, we need an outside view. Someone impartial to tell us what’s working and where improvements are needed. To grow a successful company and maintain a healthy environment, our processes, people and systems all need to be in sync. From inside, we cannot always see what is in front of us.

This is where I can help.