About Mary Cushen | Marketing and Strategy Coach

Hello, I’m Mary Cushen.

In short, I’m a self-professed workaholic. With six-year-old twins and two businesses, I seamlessly manage to make everything run like clockwork. I either get asked if I’m superwomen or mad – It’s probably a bit of both.

My passion for helping others has seen me work across numerous industries and gain invaluable experience. I have worked in project management, finance and business analysis for over twenty years before starting my first business.

During school, I welcomed the working world and entrepreneurship. My first experience as an entrepreneur came when I worked in my parents’ business in the oil industry when I was 12. When the Gulf War happened, the company folded. Overnight, I went from being the rich kid at school to being ashamed of who I was.


When I first began my career, I worked as a temp and was often underpaid but massively valued.

It meant that referrals came thick and fast and, when I was approached to help a restaurant with its payroll, despite no prior experience, I was able to ensure everyone was paid on time and accurately. My gift is being able to turn my hand to anything. However, it means I get bored with the norm (part of why I’m a workaholic).

The people I get to work with is always a pleasure. It should never be a decision around business or parenthood or sacrificing your social life. I help entrepreneurs understand how to build a business model that works for them. We then work on developing the strategy to make it happen.

I am also more than just the standard level of business coaching. My personal experiences have made me appreciate my mindset and how it can affect us in different ways. From being abused at a very young age to taking fifteen years to have a healthy pregnancy; my life has had its ups and downs, just as your life has. My life experiences mean I can understand how specific experiences can affect us and how we can work with them to reach our full potential. I admit that I have been through a lot, but I’m proud of the fact I’m still standing and being able to help others change their lives for the better.

On the lighter side, I live with my hubby (been together 23 years) and twin daughters in Worcestershire. I love pasta, green and travel. My favourite places to date are the Dominican Republic, Jersey and Scotland.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

Rumi (Poet)

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